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Grade 11 into 12 Academic Program Information Evening - Shared screen with speaker view
Heidi Kutz
thank you for this evenings briefing. can you advise where students can confirm their co curricular credits to date? thankyou
Andrea Kelly-Assistant Head of Sr School
Hello Heidi, thanks for the message. We are working on developing a more transparent co-curricular transcript for the future but for now, we review the students report comments and then document their commitments each year. Students can speak with their teacher advisor to review what they have done since grade 9 to count up credits, they can also contact me and I will help them calculate.
Nimroz Thawer
For a student to take Higher Level courses, do they require a minimum average?
Gary Godkin - Head of Senior School
there is no average requirement, but a conversation with your current teacher is recommended
Nimroz Thawer
Thanks Gary!
Shannon Howlett
A student should have a strong grade when choosing to pursue the HL level. It does depend somewhat on the course as the level of difficulty between SL and HL varies between subjects. As Mr. Godkin mentioned, conversations with current teachers is crucial.
Godfrey Mabaleka
Would the Ashbury bilingual diploma be helpful for going into health sciences?
Joanne Sidorchuk
are the summer courses virtual or in person?
Gary Godkin - Head of Senior School
the diploma itself will not necessarily help with admissions, however, if you are fully literate in French, if medicine is your final destination you would be able to apply to either the French or English stream and the French stream is much less competitive … completing extra certificates does also give you something extra to put on your supplemental applications
Kathleen Munro Collins - Gr. 9 Academic Advisor
The summer school courses at Ashbury are scheduled to be in person at this time.
Any advantages if takes some IB individual courses ( none full IB diploma courses )when applying Canadian Universities comparing to selection of toally OSSD courses ( expect English) . or better just to select all regular OSSD courses in order have better scorers for IB courses are more difficulties. Thank you!:
Godfrey Mabaleka
thank you!
Maxat T
Do you offer DELF (Diplôme d'Études de Langue Française certification) exam for French Immersion for Grade 12 students?
Shannon Howlett- IB Coordinator
I’m not sure at this point but we can follow up.
Maxat T
thank you
Nimroz Thawer
Thanks for all the information and sample course selections.
Diane Routledge
my understanding is that the Gr10’s last year did not rite the literacy test