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Grade 8 into 9 Academic Program Information Evening - Shared screen with speaker view
Jon Landon
The Ashbury Athlete Award. 3 terms of sport for all 4 years of high school.
Valerie Patrick
What happens to students that do not spend 4 years of high school at Ashbury for example those that join in their last 2 years? Do you/Ontario recognize community service gained away from Ontario and other experiences in grade 9/10 earned elsewhere like Europe? My son attended MUN conference in Harlem 2019, was part of Athletics team which competed within the DDODS League (American Dept of Defense schools in Europe League), and won Coach's award in 2019 and was camp counselor/English teacher in Spain for a summer camp. Can he import those experiences given he has evidence of the same?
Anjelien Slater - Dir. of Student Services
We would look at each case individually in these cases. This is something we would review through our prior learning equivalency process.
Nimroz Thawer
if Geography is taken online, will that satisfy one of the two online course as well as given an additional elective in grade 9?
Anjelien Slater - Dir. of Student Services
Yes to Geography online satisfying one of the online course requirements. This will then open up a spot in your schedule for an elective.
Valerie Patrick
Does one need to take a summer school course to take qualify for the bilingual diploma or is this something the school is encouraging?
Nimroz Thawer
Would it be possible to complete geography and the Tech online courses this upcoming summer?
Anjelien Slater - Dir. of Student Services
Thee is no requirement for a summer school course if you are pursuing the bilingual diploma. You can achieve this through the school years.
Valerie Patrick
whats the deadline for selection of courses?
Nimroz Thawer
can 2 online course be completed this summer?
Anjelien Slater - Dir. of Student Services
Achieving two summer school courses would offer a busy summer. It could be done depending on your timeline.
Neelema Bhan
Do the two online course credits have to be completed in the summer? Are there any consequences if the online courses aren't completed?
Anjelien Slater - Dir. of Student Services
Two online courses could be completed depending on your commitment to the courses.
Anjelien Slater - Dir. of Student Services
The online courses can be completed at anytime throughout a students' time in high school.
Nimroz Thawer
Can the tech online course be completed while student is in grade 8?
Anjelien Slater - Dir. of Student Services
Mr. Godkin will speak to the online course in a few minutes.
Nimroz Thawer
can a student who completes core math, can they do IB
Anjelien Slater - Dir. of Student Services
Yes if a student completes core math, they can still find a path to the IB Math.
Anjelien Slater - Dir. of Student Services
We have created a combined course in Grade 11 that students can take in Grade 11. They achieve both the Grade 11 and Grade 12 course in that year.
Shannon Howlett
Applications and Interpretations
Donna Naufal Moffatt - Director of University Counselling
Applications and Interpretations.
Jodie Baulkham
Currently the geography summer school course indicates a face-to-face model. Will this be offered virtually if restrictions are still in place?
Sophie Bracamonte
thank you! Very helpful presentation!
Jodie Baulkham
Thank you
Nimroz Thawer
Thank you!
Norman Southward
Thank you Mr. Godkin and the Senior School Team. Grade 8 students and families - welcome - bienvenue and looking forward to seeing you soon! Mr. Southward
Suraiya Naher
Thank you
Zhi Ma
`Thank you. Very helpful.
Andrea Kelly-Assistant Head of Sr School
Thank you everyone!