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Course Selection - Grade 10 - Shared screen with speaker view
Kathleen Munro Collins - Gr. 9 Academic Advisor
Harbir Bains
Are these summer courses offered online? So, would we get an online course credit?
Kathleen Munro Collins - Gr. 9 Academic Advisor
Ashbury summer school is planning to be on campus in person this year.
Donna Naufal Moffatt
Only the Business Tech summer course will count for online.
Kathleen Munro Collins - Gr. 9 Academic Advisor
If you did not take the BTT1O online course last summer, you may still take it this summer. Please email me directly to register (no additional fee for this course). kmunro@ashbury.ca
Harbir Bains
If we have already done the Business Tech summer course, how would we get our second online credit?
Kathleen Munro Collins - Gr. 9 Academic Advisor
At this time, Ashbury only offers the 1 online course. You may complete a 2nd online course through an external online school.
Donna Naufal Moffatt
If you are looking to take an online course or any course outside of Ashbury, please consult your Academic Counsellor before signing up.
Anna Karwowska
is there a process to identify and approve online courses for the summer?
Trefor Ellis
Is the summer school before year 10 or between grades 10 and 11?
Kathleen Munro Collins - Gr. 9 Academic Advisor
Please contact your Academic Advisor to consult if the course ok to take for the online credit requirement.
Nathalie Vincent
How is the process for equivalencies of Grade 9 credits from those who come from Lycee ClaudelÉ
Paul Wheatley-Price
In person summer school - looks like it’s only in the first 1/2 of the summer. Are there any courses in the second half of the summer?
Donna Naufal Moffatt
You would need to be sure it is Ministry accredited, but more importantly, from my perspective, it is important that is serves your purpose moving forward and prepares you. Happy to have your questions come my way for summer courses.
Andrea Kelly-Assistant Head of Sr. School
Hello Paul, yes summer school runs in July only. Thank you
Changyong Geng
If the student choose Chinese, then how to score and get the credit?
Donna Naufal Moffatt
Students outside of the Ontario system are granted 8 courses as PLE, Prior Learning Equivalency credits, as if they were out of country.
Ishrat Balaa
Thank you - great presentation.
Natalie Runoff
thank you