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Course Selection - Grade 9 - Shared screen with speaker view
Mayhew Keller
Is the BTT10 online considered a Reach Ahead course? Thank you
Gary Godkin - Head of Senior School
Sort of. It is a grade 9 credit taken before you start grade 9. It may also you the ability to have an extra spare when you get to grade 11 or 12. It is the content of the course that will really set you up well for success in senior school.
Gary Godkin - Head of Senior School
We will be posting this powerpoint as well as a recording so you can go back and review at your leisure
Ayan Janmohamed
Thank you.
Nathan Brown
Question on summer Geography, if my son is at camp from July 16th, can he take online geography? Would it be possible to finish the final days later in the summer? Or early?
Andrea Kelly-Assistant Head of Sr. School
Hello Nathan! The summer school program is offered in person only, not online so students would have to attend for the entire course.
Wissen Z
Is there a max number of kids allowed in a given class and a min number that a course has to have to remain legit?
Kathleen Munro Collins - Gr. 9 Academic Advisor
Class sizes are a maximum of 20 students typically.
Wissen Z
as a follow-up question, is the acceptance based on first-come first serve? Thanks!
Simone Gulati
Hi, I was wondering if for community service, what kinds of things would count as community service? Are there any guidelines? Also, what kind of things can be done during the summer for community services.
Nicole Hynes- Admissions
Shelly Shelly
Can the geography summer school option be done from elsewhere, or do you have to come in person?
Kathleen Munro Collins - Gr. 9 Academic Advisor
If taken at Ashbury, it is in person. You may be able to take it elsewhere as well.
Martina Baker
Thank you
Orion Hunter
Thank you
Simone Gulati
Thank you!