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Incoming Grade 10 Academic Program Evening - Shared screen with speaker view
Kathleen Munro Collins
The French Language courses are needed Grade 9-12 for the Bilingual Certificate plus 4 additional courses taught in French.
Gary Godkin
question - is Learning Strategies course available to grade 10s … if you took it in grade 9 no, if you did not then yes you can take that course in grade 10
Kathleen Munro Collins
The online portal opens February 1st for online course selection entry.
Kathleen Munro Collins
BTT1O - Information and Communication Technology in Business - online course, please email Kathleen Munro Collins to register kmunro@ashbury.ca - runs during the summer mid-June to mid-August and is a self-regulated course option for those new to the school or who have not achieved the credit already.
Kathleen Munro Collins
Question…if achieving over 90% in Gr. 9 MTH1W Academic can you go directly into MCR3UA - you require MPM2D if coming from Academic Gr. 9 Math before you can enter the Accelerated MCR3UA course.
Kate Lane
kate.lane@ashbury.ca or calendly.com/kate_lane is the best way to connect