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Incoming Grade 9 Academic Program Evening - Shared screen with speaker view
Gary Godkin
Yes, I will be posting the slides and link to the recording of tonight's session.
Gary Godkin
The beginner music program is designed to prepare students to be ready to take music again in grade 10 and can go on grade 11 and 12 as well
Gary Godkin
I did not mention 'W' courses (ENG1W) … these are the recently de-streamed courses that the Ministry of Education introduced … there is now only one level in grade 9 for English, science and math
Gary Godkin
One of the advantages of taking a summer course is that it will allow students to lighten their load in grade 11 or 12 when the workload gets heavier
Gary Godkin
slight nuance … the BBT1O course is asynchronous and not self-taught, there are recorded video lessons for all topics, it is self-paced and there is a teacher available to answer questions and provide 1-on-1 help and who is online almost every day in the summer